Sunday, September 26, 2010

Understanding dynamics of marine animals

Monday, Sep 27, 2010

RAMANATHAPURAM: A. Mohamed Sevukkammal (16), Xth standard student of Government Higher Secondary School, Mandapam camp, is one among the few persons particularly students, who have visited Kurusadai island in Gulf of Mannar, which is considered as a paradise for marine biologists.

The visit on Sunday has made her to understand the dynamics of marine animals, particularly corals, many wrongly believe that it is not a living organism. Moreover, it has attracted her to devote a considerable time to work for creating awareness among the fisherfolk to protect the marine eco systems.

It was not that Sevukkammal was the only one, who vowed to spread the awareness of on marine life and the importance of contributing something towards the conservation of marine animals. Thanks to the Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve Trust (GOMBRT), which arranged men, machine and materials, including boats, for taking the school children to the “marine system hotpots”, as many as 100 students studying in different schools got the exposure of rare marine animals including corals, dolphin, sea cucumber, star fish and others.

“It has given me a great chance to understand the basics of marine life and the need to protect them. It is awesome to see the spectacular corals,” said Sevukkammal.

S. Balaji, Chief Conservator of Forests and Director, GOMBRT, told The Hindu that it had decided to organise eco awareness visit to Kurusadai island.

It would continue to take school children of coastal areas. It would help the COMBRT to take the message to their parents, most of them fishermen, through their children.

He said the students were given chance to see corals and other animals through snorkeling and other materials. They also got first hand information on scuba diving, underwater camera and others.