Thursday, January 14, 2021

Jallikatu is OUR SHAME. Its a Traditional Cruelty.!

Yes, shame is the sentiment of Tamilians and other Indians feel about Jallikatu (bull fighting).

We dislike the fact that we are identified, the world over, with bull fighting and that it is wrongly associated with our culture.

Cultural shame in the eyes of the world:

We are ashamed to be identified, the world over, as the country which includes the mistreatment of animals in its cultural heritage. We have all, at some time or other, been the object of ridicule when people from other countries have identified us with the bull fighter stereotype. We are incapable of explaining why such brutality continues to exist in our country.

Shame in the eyes of the animals:

We are weary and ashamed of hearing such arguments as "animals do not suffer" and its our culture and tradition. Vets and biologists describe the terrible pain and stress these animals go through from a scientific point of view. You can consult the many reports which study the suffering and stress.

Shame in the eyes of our children:

We feel shame when we see that our children are being educated in an aggressive society which does not respect the environment. We live in an age shadowed by threats to an ecological balance and yet we permit the mistreatment of animals. Bull fighting is symbolic of an irresponsible and contradictory attitude.         

How are we going to be able to explain to future generations that our mistreatment of animals has become emblematic of our country. We must strive for a better future, a better world which is respectful, compassionate and sustainable.

Don't let animals suffer and die just to entertain you associated with our culture.

"Tradition doesn't make something Right".

For Animal Rights,


Chairman– Animal Welfare Federation of Tamil Nadu & Puducherry.